Case Studies

Quantum Wealth Coaching works with high achieving clients around the world to elevate prosperity consciousness and to build a luxe legacy business.

Here are some of their stories:

The energetic technology works! I called in $5,000 in a week then $20,238 more in less than a month and gained clarity on my magical mission and purpose.


My mindset and energy has totally shifted and I’m not turning back.

DEBBY | Forest Witch + Herbal Priestess

I went from charging $30 an offer to creating a Herbal Priestess Certification and making $16,000 in a month.


Lysah | Multi Passionate Visionary

When I started with Leeza and Pam I had no revenue. The third month I launched my online business, closing $90,000. After working with them for a year I am now expanding my business to a net worth of 4 million. During my journey I also manifested a better relationship with my husband.

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After implementing the organic social selling system (that was so easy to follow) I doubled my clientele if not tripled! Since the magical program $75,000 has come in.

LEAH | Woowoorealm Founder

I went from undervaluing my gifts and charging $100 for tarot readings to selling my first signature high ticket offer at $3297 in 12 weeks!

V | Cosmic Confidence Coach + Tarot BFF

I had the opportunity to work with Pam and Leeza and in a month I became a luxury influencer on an expert panel, created a 6 figure partnership, and right before that -closed my first $15,000 high ticket offer! While I’m completely new to energy work it has completely changed my life. You will not regret this.

LINDSAY | CEO + Founder

From overwhelmed and unorganized to launching my first group coaching course in three months.

ALEX | Head Priestess of Awakened Bliss Code

I had 7 clients sign up and two were luxe VIP packages! The next round 5 more clients enrolled and this led me to create my signature high ticket program and modality Awakened Bliss Code, which started out to be a complicated curriculum until Leeza and Pam simplified it. Now, I am easily attracting advanced energy practitioners from around the Universe.

The beautiful energetic and group support that I received in the program allowed me to be confident about quitting my job, get over the fear of being seen to show up on social media, and channeled my own healing modality, Akashic Reiki, that is so in alignment with my mission.

BETH | Creator of Akashic Reiki

I was overwhelmed with online marketing at first, but now I show up easily everyday and even run healing LIVES in my private Facebook Group.

LAURE | Reiki Master + Intuitive Healing Coach

Within two months of completing the course my income stream had more than tripled from when I started and my business had an increase of 578% over that same time the year before.

I was feeling stuck and confused, but after just one business energetic session and diagnosis with Leeza and Pam, who by the way helped me create the curriculum for my high ticket program of a $400k launch, I hit my next level success and had my biggest income month ever -$100K!

AMANDA | Founder of Sparkle System Practitioner and Certification

Starting an online business seemed so out of my reach, but Leeza and Pam have helped me reprogram my mindset, gain clarity on what direction to work towards, co-create my offer, allowed me to see the possibilities of being an entrepreneur, and be comfortable with showing up and being radiant.

MEL | Holistic Life Coach

The result was coming home to joy, attracting a dreamy luxe client, and breaking past my monthly income goal of $8,888 with utter ease.

Rhina Ju | Brand Stylist + Web Designer

Prior to joining the program, I was burnt out and ready to divorce my business. With the right blend of motivation, magic, smarts, realness, and fun, they helped me blast away deep seated blocks to owning my magick in my business.

What I loved about the course was that Leeza and Pam showed me I didn’t need more certifications and I can apply what I already knew to my spiritual business and call in my ideal client.

I have even more confidence now in sharing the magic and have had at least a dozen or more clients enroll in my Akashic Scalp Treatment and Journey, a methodology I created in the program. There’s a client that reaches out every 4 weeks for my session! Without joining the program I would’ve never launched this.

DEIRDRA | Hair and Soul Alchemist | Owner OM Holistic Hair

I sold my first ever high ticket offer, the most I’ve charged in my business, within a couple of weeks of working with Leeza and Pam! I used the sales strategies that they taught me and it totally worked.

Jillian | Integrative Holistic Healer

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